About Jan Gordon Ontario Butcher Supplies & Technical Services Inc.

Now delivering personalised services to the Ontario Butchers' market.

Our mission is to provide Ingredients, Equipment, and Services to improve your products, with a focus on your business' growth.


  • Spices, functional ingredients (Phosphates, Lactates, Soya, etc.), personalised and ready-to-use blends.
  • We have lactates available upon request, both potassium and sodium


  • Natural and artificial casings, knives, aprons, gloves, and anything required in a butcher shop


  • Manual and hydraulic stuffers, cutters, mixers, and cooking baths, etc. are available upon demand.

Technical Services

  • Jan Gordon can demonstrate at your site, provide personalised training and/or participate in developing your process or products.

We take pride in delivering the difference with:

  • Our personalised approach and services;
  • Our ability to source first quality fresh ingredients directly from the country of origin;
  • Our superior and efficient technical support adapted to your needs.

Jan Gordon Ontario Butcher Supplies and Technical Services Inc.

58 Margaret Drive  |  North Bay  |  Ontario  |  P1B 8G5
Cellular: (705) 498-9528 
Email: jan@jan-gordon.com